Thomas Eagle

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I'm a photographer when I'm not a designer at I'm based in North Yorkshire, but previously lived for 15 years in Spain and Italy, so they feature heavily. I generally photograph for myself, but I have also been commissioned by the Financial Times, Turner Broadcasting, and a few Spanish and Italian publications. I've had images published in The Guardian and in the Tate (honest, but only sort-of honest), and I've had an image stolen by Metro Newspapers in France. People have used my portraits as their facebook profile pictures, and I suppose there is no higher form of flattery or appreciation in the modern age.

Out of interest, the ever-changing list of things I'd still like to photograph include:

– any event I would normally not be allowed to attend
– any person or people I would not normally get to meet
– scientists, authors, musicians (I like)
– models, fashion and clothes, but naturally-ish and of all ages / genders / dispositions
– the backstage and training for almost anything
– birth, families, meals, sleep, sex and a dignified death
– but I think I'm done with weddings, thanks.

Please don't use images without permission... not just mine, anyone's. I'm often more than happy – flattered even – to have photos of mine used, but please ask first because, honestly, what is there left for us all if you remove human contact?


You can contact me by email at

other places / profiles

I was on flickr all the time. If you're a model/mua/stylist/designer, you can also find me on modelmayhem and on modelmanagement, or si eres de España, en litmind. I sometimes put photos from the mobile phone on tumblr, out of masochism.